Examining the American experience in the Second World War

Winter Warfare: Tips from the 8th Infantry Division

A February 1945 article from "The Stars and Stripes" shows how American soldiers in one infantry division adapted to winter combat conditions

War Criminal Paroled: Horace T. West and the Final Chapter of the Biscari Massacre

The post-parole service history of American soldier and war criminal Horace T. West, and the legacy of the Biscari Massacre

"Walking one-man general store"

A number of Army documents and memoirs written by infantrymen in the European Theater of Operations shed light on what combat troops carried in their pockets

Christmas Eve 1944

3rd Infantry Division machine gunner Sergeant Albert Brown describes Christmas Eve 1944 on the front

Combat Lessons and Battle Experiences

Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library contains some of the most useful documents for understanding what combat soldiers in all theaters learned about their equipment and their enemies