Examining the American experience in the Second World War

Ten (or so) Books for Every World War II Buff

My top ten (or so) book recommendations for anyone interested in learning more about the Second World War

Cadets on Campus: The ASTP at Drexel University

We’re just Joe College in khaki. More Boy Scouts than soldiers are we. So take down your service flag Mother, your son’s in the ASTP!

We are the Wounded

Keith Wheeler's account of being wounded on Iwo Jima, and his subsequent journey through the military medical system, speaks for thousands of servicemen

The Assault: Not Just Another War Book

Allen R. Matthews's "The Assault" is an underappreciated memoir of infantry combat

"G.I. Heaven" : The U.S.R.R.A.

An American soldier's letter from the Army's French Riviera rest area